German-speaking Deployment Consultant

This is Productivity

Thu, 29 Dec 2016 08:44:43 GMT


What do we do?

This is Productivity offers fast-track installation and deployment services to software companies

The Opportunity:

Because these companies are so busy keeping their product relevant and keeping up with the competition, they don't have the focus (or ability) to educate people who subscribe to their product. This has two major effects:

A company subscribes, but the software is too complicated and they fail to get to going and eventually cancel.

A company may get it working in a basic fashion, but it never gets widely adopted throughout the company and eventually stops being used, or never expands beyond that department.

Where we Come in:

At TIP we offer a multi tiered service offering to software companies which addresses both of the problems the SAAS companies face. We act as an outsourced offering that helps to get their clients working on the product from day one.

The Role:

German-speaking Deployment Consultant [part time - flexible hours - contract position // consultants work remotely]


  • Stable + reliable internet connection
  • Quiet environment where you will not be disturbed during client facing sessions
  • Own computer

As a member of our deployment team you'll be the magic that pieces Sales and Client together to deliver excellent, innovative training on behalf of the Company. You're a tech savvy self starter who loves a challenge and isn't afraid to dive in the deep end. You've got tons of client service experience and you're comfortable and happiest when the spotlight is on you leading a "room" of people.

  • As a direct point of contact for our customers, you will represent us to a very high standard.
  • note: travel might be required for your role


  • During onboarding, consultants receive full training on : partner technology (technical) + service offering (delivery). NOTE: onboarding lasts approx 20 days (60-80 hours) and consists of a series of 1 hour virtual connects with TiP's onboarding champion and self learn modules. Depending on your existing experience and familiarity with both product and service, you can expect to spend anything from 2-6 hours per day during this period. To graduate from onboarding to client facing, you will be required to complete an assessment questionnaire (80% pass rate) + successfully deliver a mock deployment. This ensures that you are fully setup for success.
  • In most cases, deployments are delivered virtually as a series of 3 to 7 one hour sessions. Sessions take place in an online meeting room. You will require a stable internet connection and a quiet environment where you will not be disturbed.
  • Each deployment session will require specific pre-call presentation and post-call admin. You can estimate an 1:1 ratio between client facing + admin tasks (ie: a 7 session deployment will require approximately a total 7 hours of non-client facing administrative/preparation work).



  • Proactively on-board all new customers, across multiple platforms; understanding their use case in order to best align the partner(s) technology to their goals (virtual and/or in person sessions depending on your level of expertise, location)
  • Work side-by-side with our sales team to deliver swift, timely and excellent customer service and identify up-sell opportunities
  • Proactively reach out to at-risk accounts and get them back on track to being more productive.
  • Own customer issues to the point of resolution, keeping customers updated throughout.
  • Champion a proactive and positive relationship with our partners team (CSM's, Managers, AM's, Support, Sales)
  • Be committed to keeping up-to-date with all relevant partner updates/new features
  • Ensure all information related to the client is logged and tracked in real time


  • Engage in and contribute towards on-going departmental and personal learning in both soft skill (eg: change management, project management) and technical fields (eg: technology partner platform, internal tech systems)
  • Collaborate with our marketing team to highlight deployment successes and customer case studies for our partners
  • Work with our Deployment Enablement and Design team to continuously give feedback on system and process improvement
  • Actively engage in departmental mentor/mentee programme to build a cohesive team regardless of location

Performance Measures:

  • Successful and timely (30-90 day) completion of client deployments
  • Achieve and/or exceed minimum client satisfaction ratings (70-80% dependant on level of consultant)
  • Up-sells (as defined in conjunction with sales)
  • All client files and records updated in realtime
  • Following departmental quality assurance checks within required time frames

Key Characteristics Required:

  • Comfortable in commanding a group of people (both virtually or in person) - bring control
  • A high degree of flexibility, team spirit, accountability and independence.
  • Availability to work flexible hours supporting our global customer base.

Comfortable with technology : an ability to dive into technical details and get comfortable with multiple technologies quickly

  • Teaching skills
  • Relational people skills
  • Empathetic, warm, giving - eagerness to help
  • An excellent communicator with the ability to problem-solve whilst building and maintaining strong working relationships with customers.
  • An ability to work in a customer-focused, client facing, target-driven environment.

X factors:

  • Project Management Knowledge
  • Change Management Experience
  • Additional language
  • Sales Savvy
  • Previous experience in a fast-paced Customer Service Environment
  • Proven technical ability
  • Deep interest in the development of SaaS products

Reporting to:

  • Level 2/3/4 Deployment Consultant (you'll both mentor + be mentored by your peers)
  • Deployment Manager
  • COO

Interfacing with:


  • Sales team
  • Marketing team
  • This is Productivity team


  • Clients (end user)
  • Partners

Type of position:

Freelance contract position




South Africa







Work Style:


Drop and hop

Why we're hiring for this position:

  • We want to create the future, and this role will enable that vision.
  • This position is the heartbeat of the business. As our fastest growing department we are building on the ground knowledge that will actively contribute towards us changing work in a radical way. What you do is shaping what we are creating.

Job Type: Part-time

Required education:

  • Bachelor's

Required languages:

  • English
  • German

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